During these past few years, through either experiences of my own or situations in fiction I encounter that can happen in real life, I have learned things that others may have forgotten or will not acknowledge.

This page is meant to share those thoughts that I have over time.

Everyone is Equally Responsible

Many people today are complaining either about not being able to do something because it is frowned up (e.g. same sex marriages), the thought that racism is still a huge issue, or because social norms ingrained upon us says that we have to be lazy because we are female or do everything because we are male (e.g. relationships), or any other reason currently circling about.

While we are not the equal in level of intellegience, stength, or physical capabilities, we are all responsible for fulfilling our own needs and desires.

For example, if there is a guy that a girl likes, she should go after him, not sit around and act as a prize to be earned.

In fact, nobody should be waiting for the other person to make a move if they want something like a serious relationship.

However, girls are taught that boys should make the first move, as if men can actually read their minds or something.

Unfortunately, nobody can read anybody elses mind, especially when they are practically strangers.

In addition to relationships, there are people think that they cannot do something because of their race or gender. The real problem is that they are just too lazy to get things done themselves.

If there is something that a person wants to do, as long as it is legal, they are the ones that need to actually go do it, or ask for help if it is something not within their capabilities.

Just Because Somebody is Employed Does Not Mean they are Useful

Many people, especially those from older generations, think that a person can only make something of themselves while they are employed, thus they think only those that contribute to society are useful.

The sad fact about this life though, as it is right now, is that there are many professions out there that are not really that useful to either an individual or group. Yes, a cashier, bank teller, and a person who stocks product are all useful to various companies, but individuals in these areas will not be getting any benefit, outside of being paid.

To illustrate this better, let us say that a cashier with absolutely no knowledge of wildreness survival suddenly found him or herself on a deserted island alone, they will not last long because the only thing their job gave them was money and taught them how the company wants things done.

On the other hand, an architect or engineer would most likely have a good idea of how to protect themselves against the elements because they learn through both schooling and experience in how to create a good shelter.

Likewise, a doctor, at least one that has studied various different aspects of the medical field, instead of one specialized area, will have a good idea of how to treat wounds on their own and possibly even plants to be used, in the event that medicine is absolutely needed.

This is probably why we are expected to learn as much as we can, but because we have gone from being a species that are jacks of all trades to specialized creatures, we never will be truly useful to society, thus humans of today will be useless in a place where money cannot get them what they need.

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