Habari Projects

Having used Habari since 2011, I went about making plugins that I needed for desired functionality and themes, or forks of themes, to customize the Habari experience.

Many, but not all, of the things listed here are available on both Github and the Habari Addon Catalog.


Plugin that inserts a QR Code at the bottom of the print version of a page
PDF Export
Plugin that allows posts to be exported as PDF. Works best with themes that have style rules for the printed page.
GPlus Author
Plugin that inserts a link element into Blog header, so that one can link Google+ profiles
Plugin that inserts a message at the bottom of Habari's ATOM feed
Plugin to manipulate feed titles and descriptions so that users know what they are subscribing to, instead of have having one name and description for everything.



Dark theme, though only main background is dark to ensure readability, for Habari based on a mix of K2, Charcoal, and Mzingi.
Child theme of RDarkness that uses a lighter color scheme than its parent. This theme requires RDarkness to function, but can be converted into a standalone theme.


Fork of original Habari mobile theme that moves some backend things around and contains print style rules, to accomodate devices with native printing capabilities.

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